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The burning house

The burning house

The Burning House” is a project run by an american designer. For a long time, the guy has been collecting photos of objects that
people would take with them in case of emergency. The project recently resulted in a book. However, you can still submit your own picture on this website.

As I’m actually always thinking about “what would I take in case of fire?”, I thought it would be fun to gather my stuff and make my “emergency kit!”:

1. My grandfather’s hat
2. My main camera
3. Home and bike keys
4. My lomo fisheye camera
5. A wood sculpture that my grandpa’s made for me
6. Pen knife
7. An old picture of my husband and me
8. Glasses
9. The edelweiss my husband gave to me in proof of his love, following the old austrian tradition :-)
10. A crystal necklace I wore at my wedding, made by a friend of mine
11. My wedding ring (I’m always wearing it any way, except for this picture)
12. A couple of hairpins
13. My robot
14. My wallet with pin and credit card
15. Eye liner
16. My laptop
17. iPhone – I need to be able to record the house burning to post on Youtube!
18. HD full of files
19. A pile of old family pictures
20. Passport, my main ID

And what about you?


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  • Roberto | 25/07/2012 | 9:38 pm

    Ha, nice! :)

    Did they publish your picture at the website? I’ve been thinking about my “emergency kit” since I learned about the project last week — funny that one of the things I’d take with my is also a Lomo fisheye that I got from Lidia.

  • Carla | 02/08/2012 | 11:00 pm

    When I was under a burning building I just put some clothes (it was in the middle of the night) and pickup my backpack that I knew my documents were in. Just this. I didn’t think about anything else at that moment. I just thought: It must be cold outside and I need my documents. And, save my life. :)
    Luckily nothing happened and I didn’t loose anything, but before this day I usually thought about what I would take with me, thinking about which would be my reaction, and one day, unfortunately, I found out my reaction. :P
    But off course, this is not about reality. It is about thinking about things and making a short selection from the most important ones and this exercise is really a nice one. Very interesting project. :)
    From your list I think this is the best one: “iPhone – I need to be able to record the house burning to post on Youtube!” :D

  • alickel | 02/08/2012 | 11:42 pm

    Roberto, not yet. But I just sent my picture recently, so I’ll let you know when they publish it. Lomo fisheye is really cool! I got mine from Rodrigo last Christmas and I’m having a lot of fun with since that.

    Carla, I’m sure I wouldn’t take all of this stuff in real life, even because, they’re in completely different parts of my house, I wouldn’t manage to gather all of them in a short time, definitely. Probably, I would put in my bag my laptop and whatever else is in my desk, my passport and that’s all. Or I can have a pre-prepared beautiful emergency box with all of this stuff. Not a bad idea, actually ;-)

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