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Really open?

Really open?

This week, a friend of mine shared this website on Facebook and I found it brilliant. Not only the web design is fabulous – and it really is - but the message is still important to be spread.

I know sometimes is hard to believe, because it seems so obvious that there isn’t any problem between the love of two people, but I sadly know the world still suffer a lot from homophobia and what this project is doing is so beautiful.

Open, are you… really? is a website from Québec to fight against homophobia. The images and the narration are simple, but strong.

If you perhaps had to think twice before clicking “not at all”, maybe is time to rethink about your principles. Read more, ask more, think more: what is the real problem in the love between two people, whatever the gender they are? Why is so important to you the way other people love and have sex? Why exactly does it bother you? What is wrong with that? This page is full of information, and a great kick start to think.

I hope you enjoy and help to the world a better, more equal, place to live.


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