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Paper vase cover by Pepe Heykoop

Paper vase cover by Pepe Heykoop

I was having breakfast in a really nice design shop in Amsterdam (good coffee and beautiful design, it can’t go wrong), when I found this so lovely flower vase cover. Somehow it was exactly what I was looking for my house, but I didn’t know until I saw it.

It’s made of paper, shaped in triangles, so you can mold it the way you want. Then you put an empty bottle inside and place your flowers! Beautiful, hum?

The paper vase cover was created by the dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, but it’s handmade by some women in Mumbai, India. It’s part of Tiny Miracles Foundation.

This project aims to break out the poverty cycle of that community by teaching professions, bringing education, healthcare etc. It means by buying this vase, you have a beautiful piece of design and you support a really cool project. Win-win!

Where to have one? I bought mine at Friday Next (it’s also possible to get it online).

Designed by Pepe Heykoop | www.pepeheykoop.nl

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