Hi! I’m Aline Lickel, a visual designer based in Amsterdam. Every morning I start my day listening to good music and researching design references, online or at the real world. Here you can see what fascinates me. If you like it, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy! +

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Nanna van Blaaderen

Nanna van Blaaderen

As a knitting lover (haven’t I mentioned?), I’m appreciating a lot Nanna van Blaaderen‘s work. She is a textile designer who lives in the countryside of the Netherlands, in a small city called Vreeland.

She finds, thus, her inspiration in the nature, specially in horses, her second passion. I would say this inspiration is quite obvious when you see the braiding at the model’s hair combined to the texture of the knitting. Don’t you think so?

With the temperatures decreasing and the days going toward the winter, I’m about to exchange my laptop for the knitting needles to try new patterns. I’ve already got a nice soundtrack for that: Zoe Keating, a Canadian cellist a friend of mine recently recommended.

Designed by Nanna van Blaaderen  |  www.nannavanblaaderen.com

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