Hi! I’m Aline Lickel, a visual designer based in Amsterdam. Every morning I start my day listening to good music and researching design references, online or at the real world. Here you can see what fascinates me. If you like it, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy! +

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Moooi new webdesign

Moooi new webdesign

One of the things that made me choose Amsterdam as my home is the fact that design is really present in this city. Many respectable products and design companies I appreciate are from the Netherlands.

If you have some doubts about it, take a look in my dutch design collection.

Moooi is one of these marvelous design companies that make me proud of living here. And as soon as I started learning Dutch, I realized the fact that “mooi” means “beautiful”, in Dutch. The name of the company – Moooi (with an extra “o”) – is, then, totally about beauty. And even not being fan of all of their products, I agree they take it seriously.

Recently, Moooi redesigned its website and I’m happy to include it into my web design references:

The page below is the product page. Looking through the print screen it seems less cool than it actually is: go there and visit it personally.

You’ll experience a nice page, beautiful, with many informations about the product and an easy and delicious navigation – scroll down until the end. It’s nice to explore this way. And look at the page menu, always present even while you’re scrolling down.

A simple, but really beautiful and functional web design.

Moooi  |  www.moooi.com

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