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La Tartine Gourmande

La Tartine Gourmande

I’ve been following La Tartine Gourmande for many many years. Béa, a french food writer, stylist and photographer, living in US, is the responsible for those really beautiful photos and so inspiring recipes and stories.

Last year she launched her book (which is, by the way, in my wishlist – if you’re still wondering what to give me for my birthday, here’s a clue ;-)

Béa’s photos have a lot of personality: they’ve got a summer feeling, really colourful, with nice flowers and fruits textures. And, for some reason, the images are most of the times vertical. Maybe because it’s a nice format for a photography book (better to fit in the page).

La Tartine Gourmande web design values a lot this format, as well, somehow inspired on Pinterest (do you have Pinterest? So I meet you there!).

The background soft texture, combined with the orange/red logo and the lime green of the mouse over (pass the mouse over the pictures on her website), creates this summer atmosphere, that goes pretty well with her images, the main content of the website.

Really beautiful design. Glad to have found it on the Internet!


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