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Jip en Janneke adhesive bandage

Jip en Janneke adhesive bandage

Last week I was involved in a bike accident in Amsterdam. I was on my way to the park to meet my husband, when another cyclist suddenly decided to turn his left, in front of me, without signaling, into wrong lane.

We both were quite fast so the accident was a bit scary, although I had only a wheel slightly broken, my wood basket has gone, I’ve got an injured hand and a purple knee. Well, not that bad! And now I’m enjoying wearing my Jip and Janneke adhesive bandage. Have you ever heard about them?

Jip and Janneke are the characters of a famous series of children’s book in Holland, a couple of kids created by the Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp in the 50′s. The series was so famous that even now a days you can easily find Jip en Janneke products in the Netherlands. They’re definitely part of the Dutch childhood culture.

Although I don’t like most of the Jip en Janneke’s products at Hema, they’re a bit tacky in my opinion, the drawings are really lovely.

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