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I’ve been in love since I saw an Ixxi for the first time!

But what is an Ixxi? It’s a wall decoration system, with which you can print whatever you want on it – your own images or choose something on their image bank – then, you join a few cards with the “X” and “I” (where actually the name “Ixxi” comes from) and hang your picture on the wall.

The cards are made of a special kind of paper, really resistant, they ensure that it’s water proof, that does not rip or curl and it’s UV resistant. It’s very light and quite easy to install, I can tell you (my husband’s uncle’s bought a version of the Milkmaid and we helped install it on his wall).

I specially love the Robot Wallpaper, designed by Studio Kluif. Über cute!

The company is Dutch, although their are online, so you can buy from anywhere.


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