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iPhone Lego Case

iPhone Lego Case

I was looking for a creative case for my iPhone when I came across this Lego cover. My 1 year old niece can’t see it on my phone without asking me to play with it. I’ve given up taking photos of her when my iPhone has the cover on, because it was impossible: every picture was of her pointing at the phone with her finger, transforming the simple act of “taking a picture” into a big big challenge. Kids!

I was once in a museum in Amsterdam, taking photos of The Man in a Clock, when a huge group of children stopped paying attention to the teacher to look at my phone. My lego cover basically became a work of art itself and I felt like I was in a Zoo, but inside the cage.

Well, it’s not exactly the most discreet case, in bright yellow. But hey, although you can find it in different colours, I had no doubt going for this one. It’s lovely! It’s made of rubber, nice texture, and an absolute success, even more with geeks and children.

Although this is my favourite case, I’ve got a spare one (actually, this week my husband gave me a TARDIS one), because the Lego cover is a bit big and odd shaped, not that comfortable to carry in your pocket. Moreover, I had to cut a little ball near the phone lens, because it was reflecting on my pictures. All the rest is really nice, especially the lego pieces you can put and remove all the time.

iPhone Lego Case on Amazon

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  • Joao S. O. Bueno | 23/08/2012 | 3:00 pm

    But — -will it plug into other lego parts?? :-)

  • alickel | 23/08/2012 | 3:03 pm

    Sadly, not! It would be really really cool.

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