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Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012

Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012

This week, starts the third Graphic Design Festival Breda in the Netherlands. The festival is going to last five days, from 19th to 23rd September / 2012 and the main subject is “visual storytelling”.

There will be many interesting workshops you can take part of, as well as lectures, performances, some exhibitions, urban interventions, parties and master classes with 125 international designers.

Some of the exhibitions you might be interested:

» Poster Project: “this time the 50 unique posters will be exhibited in the city center of Breda, on the historic Kasteelplein (Castle square).”

» Small Stories Bigger Pictures

» Finished_Final_Def: “What kind of freedom do designers have when working for their clients? Is there a large difference between the first sketch and the final product? Does a client understand and appreciate artistic freedom?”

To join the lectures and the exhibitions in MOTI (Museum of the Image) you need a ticket that costs € 17,50 per day or you can buy a 3-day ticket per € 42,50 (a fee of € 1,50 is charged per transaction). All the outdoor activities are free.

Although the event is in Holland, all the lectures are going to be in English.

Graphic Design Festival Breda
19th – 23rd September / 2012
Breda, the Netherlands

For more information, visit the website: www.graphicdesignfestival.nl

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