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Forest for the trees coat stand

Forest for the trees coat stand

I still remember the first time I saw this coat stand in the Amsterdam Public Library. I was so amazed that I spent a few minutes only staring at the metal tree.

The good part of living in a design city is that you can find remarkable pieces all around, even in public buildings, such as this Forest for the tree designed by the Dutch Ineke Hans, that you can find in the library or in the Expat Centre of Amsterdam. The second good part is that sometimes you can meet the designers themselves in the museum toilet, for instance. Here I tell when I met Ineke Hans in the Stedelijk museum.

The coat stand is made of one flat metal sheet: “two parts are cut by laser from flat steel. The branches are folded, the two tree-parts slide into each other and finally epoxy-coated.”

Designed by Ineke Hans  |  www.inekehans.com



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