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Farewell, Oscar Niemeyer and Dave Brubeck

Farewell, Oscar Niemeyer and Dave Brubeck

Yesterday, two of my grand idols passed away.

First I heard about Dave Brubeck, the American jazz pianist responsible for inspiring me in so many ways, usually while having a glass of red wine, enjoying life and friends.

Oscar Niemeyer, the brazilian architect, also died yesterday with 104 years old. Niemeyer, despite many problems I can see in his urbanization projects, was still among my favourite architects. I’ve been to Brasilia – the Brazil capital – many many times and is always a pleasure to have the chance to photograph his monuments. Everytime I see his forms, I fall in love.

The picture that illustrate this article is the public library in Brasília, the last building of his original project for the city to be built. I shoot it in 2008 and in 2009 I received a Honorable Mention award for this photograph.

Thank you so much for leaving so beautiful legacy to the world, Dave and Oscar.

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