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Eone watch

Eone watch

Last year I backed a product on Kickstarter as a late birthday present to my husband. We’re both fascinated by the idea: a watch made with small ball bearings that indicate the minutes and hours.

The watch gives tactile feedback, so you can see the time, as in regular watches, but you can also touch it. It makes possible for everybody, even blind people, to check the time without any problem.

The minutes and hours indicators are driven by magnets, this way, even when the balls run away from the time, you can easily roll them back to the correct minute/hour. Or you can spend your time playing with the magnets :-)

It’s this kind of products that makes me believe in beautiful design. A gorgeous piece, elegant design, playful, innovative and universal. Thanks for the Eone’s team for bringing it to the world.


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  • Badá | 07/02/2014 | 1:23 pm

    Ahá, agora entendi como funciona. Mais legal do que eu achava :)

  • alickel | 11/02/2014 | 3:06 pm

    Legal, Badá! Você descobriu por conta do artigo aqui ou no site do Eone?

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