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Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Since a month ago, I started working in a new office (same job, just a new office), and the canteen doesn’t have, let’s say, the best food in the world. So I started doing as most of the people in this country do, bringing my own sandwich.

Although you need to get used to wake up a bit earlier and prepare your lunch, or have always stuff in the fridge to be able to make something (and don’t end up bringing bread with mayo), it’s quite fun! You have the chance to use, for instance, a special mustard your mother-in-law brought from France. Yummy!

But I was missing having a proper way to carry my daily lunch, even more important, a good way to conserve it until midday. Of course it needed to be also funny! I went, then, to one of my favourite places to get silly stuff, the Tangram shop in Amsterdam. I bought the “Brown Paper Lunch Bag”, made of a water proof material in the inside and outside, moreover, it gets a special lining to keep the food cool until lunch time. To close it, just fold the top and lock with the magnet.

Now I feel more than ever like a proper working class: lunch bag in my bike, riding every day to the newspaper factory in Amsterdam :-)


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