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There’s more and more a tendency in the Internet to make simpler, less complex, web sites. If some years ago we would think on a deeper navigation, many internal pages etc; now a days, designers prefer to concentrate more content in the homepage. Still respecting the information hierarchy (not putting absolutely everything in the first scroll), but making longer homepages full of information.

I won’t get into the reasons for it now, but some clues are for sure: mobile version, responsive design, people getting used to scroll and so on.

9292.nl, the public transport website in the Netherlands, follows this principle, with a long, full of information, still delightful website. Good usability is also present. A quite boring service (c’mom, public transport websites tend to be really boring) that was converted into a nice, beautiful and really pleasant place in the Internet.

It’s interesting that they haven’t put the logo on an usual place, top left, but rather on the bottom left. The visual identity still works pretty fine, people can not ignore their brand.




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