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600 years of the Clock Tower in Prague

600 years of the Clock Tower in Prague

Have you ever been to Prague? I’ve had the opportunity to be there three times and I’m willing to come back anytime. The city is – no kidding – wonderful.

One of the most remarkable sightseeing is for sure the Prague Astronomical Clock. You can not ignore it, because it’s beautiful, brilliant and really clever. Two years ago it turned 600 years old (but it still looks so young!). The animation below was made for its anniversary.

I watched it a few minutes ago and I still have got goose pimples. In ten minutes the animation shows the clock and the whole city’s history happening around it. It’s fantastic the fact that that building, still there, was witness to so many events over the years and years.

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

PS.: Coincidentally, I was thinking of Prague today while having my lunch: a deep fried cheese sandwich. It wasn’t a proper Czech cheese, but good enough to make me miss the city, the food, the beer, the atmosphere. If you’ve been to Prague, what was your favourite thing there?

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